Sunday, January 11, 2009

Water, Water everywhere...

I find it completely ironic that after spending a year debating with the State about the status of my water right (it all worked out in the end) I got all the free water last week I could ever want. And then some.

This was in the evening when I got home. The water in the foreground is actively flowing towards the base of the hill where our house sits. No biggie, as nothing short of another biblical flood would reach the house, septic or the well. By 9:00 at night everything in the foreground was under a couple of feet of water and it was high enough to reach the margins of the hog hut in the upper-right hand corner.

Right before this picture was taken the kids were driving by and saw a Heron successfully fishing in the Goat pasture. Now I guess I'm into aquaculture too! But that's not all you see when the water is high, Roberta showed up and I managed to get a fleeting snapshot of her. She sure is furry this time of the year.

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