Friday, February 25, 2011


OK...I think the on hand stock is all sold. Well, we have commitements for those breeding animals that are leavingt he farm. We still have a prudence sow and a defender boar. MAYBE defender piglets in the fall, but I'm not 100% that well breed again this year.

The prudence sow is bred to her half brother (he's heading out soon) and her babies will be exclusively for pork to the locals. Or a feeder pig.

Eventually I plan to add a Warbler (been looking for a while) but in the nearer term perhaps a Matty Beth (if I can wrangle one up). In short we'll have defender boars/gilts...eventually. And probably in the next year or two we'll be selling out of Defender and Majestic boys and Prudence and Matty Beth ladies. Warbler (if I cna get one) will sub in for the Prudence. Confused? Me too. And I of course reserve the right to change my mind completely :)

Farm News: Well winter cam back today, but looks like it should be gone tomorrow again (back int he 40's and 50's). Nice. We'll be seeding some alfalfa when the time is right and I managed to harrow up the over grazed pastures and the hay field.

A 6v fuel pump is on the way for the massey 36SP swather (mechanical one took a dump, and I'm not willing to toss money on a rebuild). Get in istalled, get the old opening covered with a plate and change the oil (fuel was leaking into the crank the oil got real thin) and we'll be on the road again.

Oh...and we're sticking to our farm alone this year. We were haying som other folks stuff, but it just eats too much time. I'm a weekend farmer, and I like it that way. We ususally jump in feet first, and then have to draw back a little (a lot?). Let the drawing back begin.

That's all for now.