Sunday, June 26, 2011

New pix from the's baby time!

So here some of the new babies on the Farm. This weekend has been filled with moing the margins (and the nieghbors) weed crop. Going to throw some seed and keep watering this weekend too. Just good ole farm living ;)

Babies born 6/25 to Lilly

One of the replacement sows ("Ms Piggy"), some feeders and the runt (Skittles)

Daphne's babies, less than a week old.

My lawn mower can eat your lawn mower :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still here

First hay is up, the spring piggies are on the ground (and sold!) And the old baler works like its supposed to. I might make a half decent baler mechanic after all!

Well be processing pork in October and again next march. $5.50/# includes cut and wrap, whole or half.

Next litters (including breed stock) will be march 2012. Prudence and Matty Beth sows x defender boar. By fall 2012, well be selling pairs again. Should be nice low CI, and compatible with any of the stock you may have bought from us before.

Defender x Prudence litter piglets are going to be $500 a head at weaning. Matty Beth x Defender will be $650.

Remember to check pedigrees before buying and maybe get a trial mating through the registrar. Before you buy!