Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feed time

Went with my buddy Andy from Welcome Table Farm to get some feed Wednesday. We drove form Walla Walla, WA to Deer Park, WA to grab some of the "good stuff" from Half Moon Feeds and Milling.

Why on earth would we go that far? Well road trips are cool and the feed is good. We're pondering a buying club (the HMF folks will deliver large orders) to save some driving.

Anyway, we made it back with 5 ton of feed, no lost bags and dinner @ zips. Had a great trip, thanks Andy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here we go again

Tonight as I was laying pipe in the pasture I had a neat visit with some friends from Ashland. They're getting setup to do pasture raised pork and I think there are good things for them in the future. Thanks guys, it was really nice having you come by so we could see each others piggies!

I also found out that Daphne had farrowed (was farrowing). There was a little adventure getting Olivia's piglets away (moved Olivia and Co. down to another farrow pen) from Daphne. They kept latching on to the new momma to the detriment of the new babies. Well the wife and I got them corralled with their mom where they belong and the new babies were nursing. I'm learning not to count until a couple of days have passed, but it looks like she farrowed 9, squished on early and two stillborns. She was till farrowing, so there could be others.

Farrowing madness. By friends from Ashland asked if I would spread the farrowing out more in the future or try farrowing them all at the same time again. I'd do them all near the same time if I could. Get it over with :)