Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Pigs

Black pigs on white snow. To be precise these are some of our Large Black Pigs. Seriously that's the breed name. Kind of a no frills name that doesn't do much justice to how cool these pigs are. Hardy, grazes on grass, no rooting (if given a bit of space to roam) and very friendly. The critter on the right is Sir Francis Bacon. He's my big boar. Scratch his belly and he'll flop right on your feet. All of them (even my unruly younger group) are all very acclimated to people. They love our kids, us and other critters.

Funny thing...when I feed them at night (they need some grains to supplement the hay) they all make a lot of noise even after I have given them feed. Why? They are waiting for me to come over, scratch bellies, rub jowls and give their dry rears a bit of attention. After a few minutes they wander of and either bed down, or eat some hay.

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