Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is Winter Over Yet?

OK, I confess that I'm not much for winter wonder lands. We had a White Christmas, and that was great, but -10F and three weeks of snow has been quite enough. It's 40F now and I'm just hoping the lower pasture doesn't flood any worse. It's been really minor so far.

Pigs are growing fast, and I have moved the small herd from their temporary shelter near the chickens the one of the two current farrow pens. Eventually these will be four farrow pens (with some cross fencing, but later...). Everyone seems to be adapting quite well. Heather is milking Swiss Miss (our Alpine/Boer Goat). She is getting very proficient and I cannot wait to see what the production is like with one of our actual Dairy goats. Lilly and Miracle (Full Blood Nubian's) should have kids this spring (March I think) and the Milk show be flowing like mad. Kids (and I) love it.

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