Friday, May 8, 2009

More Babies coming

Up until recently the status of our first pig litters was still quite uncertain. And our dear beloved goat (Miracle) was thought to be done from the kid making business. We bred her twice and saw little or no evidence of here being bred. Had an ultrasound on her once and it was negative.

How things have changed.

The last breeding took thanks to Baxter...i.e. "The Little Pervert", and now Miracle is waddling around like a drunk sailor. Her belly is jumping and we can hardly wait to see our first kids from this old gal. We already have once of Miracles daughters (Lilly) and a grand daughter (Lilly's first doeling, Ruthie). Now we'll have more. We could use more full blood Nubian's like we need another hole in the head, but if we get another doeling she'll stay around and any gentlemen will be destined for the old ice box. Exciting either way. Our goat herd is quite eclectic. There is a possibility of adding another lady to the herd, but stand by for that...

But what about them pigs???

Well we've kept a close eye on our bigger ladies (Swinehilda, Olivia and Daphnie...all from my dear friends at Oleo Acres) for any signs of...umm...being willing participants. We thought maybe heat had started a couple of times. Most of the literature seemed to indicate that the signs would be kind of obvious. We were not so sure. And then we were. Their signs became quite obvious. I know for certain the ladies were in heat. But I did not witness Sir Francis...doing the deed. This was moderately frustrating since for a long time now he seemed to be trying on a daily basis...willing or not. So now they're ready and he's not willing? Grrr....stupid Hog.

Then it happened. Pig Pornography. My dear wife an innocent children (one of them any way) were down milking when Sir Francis descended upon Sinwehilda in all her womanly glory. I'm sure all of the witnesses are scarred for life. To my wife's moderate surprise, Hilda WAS interested. We have confirmation of at least one bred pig. I suspect we have three.

Ok. Most any one who reads this is going to wonder if I have been in the sun too long. Well maybe I have. But I want piglets (Hoglets?) so bad I can taste it. Well, I plan on tasting them, but I just want some baby pigs. NOW, NOW, NOW. But alas, I must wait. 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. If the bred date is accurate I should have little black WunderSchwien on or about September 1st and weaned in November. WAY later that I had originally hoped, but...that's how it goes.

Good news is that I expect my smaller Hogs to breed sometime in July (using the rough timing information from my larger Hogs and assuming the inevitable Walla Walla July heat doesn't knock the ladies offline). That would give me a farrow date of something like the first of December, weaned in Feb.

We could verily be awash in piggies. Like 40-60. Or 3. Who knows? And I'll probably have to keep a number of them over the winter so some of my further flung customers can come get them in decent weather. Not what I planned...but pigs will be pigs and I'll be thankful for everyone of them, no matter when then come.

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