Monday, March 30, 2009

The View From Here

Well we have crossed the threshold. The Large Black Hog Association is making the push to gain membership, register new pigs and leverage upcoming stories in Hobby Farms Magazine ( I wasn't sure volunteering to take on some of the association paperwork was a smart idea. But it has worked out beautifully. We're getting a ton of support, and all those involved seem to be committed to the same thing. More Large Black Hogs everywhere!!

I was worried, you see, because I tend to over commit myself and, to be completely honest, I'm a bit impulsive. I know...right now your chocking on your bagel and saying "WHAT!?!? YOU!?!?" Settle down! If you've followed the blog, this should not really be a surprise. I drove 4000 miles to buy pigs because I saw 30 seconds of them on the History channel. I am inclined to think there is a hand behind all of this guiding my madness. Even if the hand isn't guiding me to these hair brained adventures, it seems to be protecting me while I am running with scissors. Either way I'll take it.

But enough about about the farm? We've built the buck pen, and moved all the resident goats out there to take advantage of some taller grass. And took the opportunity to move the big pigs (these are your babies Cathy) out to the original goat pasture. I swear Swinehilda was frolicking! After moving them out the the farrow pens (our winter Hog storage) their tails have been twisted like a cork screw for two days. Now I just have to gather the courage to move the little pigs either (1) in with the big pigs, or (2) in with the goats and my neurotic Llama. I'll post pictures either way... Speaking of pictures, here's some of Sir Francis, Swinehilda, Daphne and Olivia in the larger accommodations.

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