Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Busy

Well I have been crazy busy lately. Spring has finally started to "sprung." And not just on the farm. I'm working hard with other "Proto-members" of the LBHA (Large Black Hog Association) to get the gory details (paperwork) all doodled up so we're as official legally as we are in spirit. I encourage you to check out the website for news and whatnot about Large Blacks

On our farm we've been fencing and cross fencing (did I complain yet about metal prices yet?) for our new buck who is coming next weekend. We'll be up and running with our goat breeding program in no time. He's a commercial buck (i.e no papers and a Heinz 57 family tree...which is OK with us, we don't sell many living goats and don't show any) but both he and his sister are real fast gainers and he should make a dynamite sire for our meat goats.

Anyone on the west coast who happens to stumble across this blog, get your weaner reservations in early. Our summer little is getting reserved quickly but we should still have good availability for 2009. Unless our boar is sterile or something. LOL...knock on wood about that...

Anyway...I'm sure I'll have some new (and real purdy pictures) soon. Stand by and sorry for the long absence!

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