Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still kicking :)

See a few e-mail's wondering if we fell off the face of the earth...not quite yet :)

Been a busy last fall and winter. Our breeding fleet of hogs is offline for now. The Defender boar we got was (unfortunately) a failure for breeding purposes and we now have two wonderful (full blooded) BH sows (a Prudence/Majestic and a Canadian lined Matilda/Majestic) and a wonderful (but very cross) Boar.

So in the short term, we will have butcher pigs, or sires and dams for butcher herds, but out full blood stock program is on hold, probably for the forseeable future.

Those customers who want pork (or beef, we are a bit over run with cattle at the moment) can get in touch. Same e-mail, same phone.



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