Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's new, Scoobey Doo?

Marge lost a few piglets to traumatic injury, but she has 7 of the 12 she farrowed and they are MONSTERS. For LB pigs they are growing fast (I suspect due to the ample milk supply, she has 12 teats).

Olivia did lose two of the really tiny ones. She has 13, including a small boy now named "Bud." Bud is WAY to small to be used for breeding (ever, he's a textbook runt) and is becoming something of a family member. He's even been to church with us (Sunday School lesson...)

Anyhow, we have reservations on a couple of breeding pairs, and (assuming my genders match up) we should have 4 to 6 pairs out of this farrowing. Just got to make sure all the pair candidates look nice and well formed. And I have to notch so I can tell them apart. And I need to vaccinate. And do that "boar to barrow" thing. And...

Oh (not that this is a big deal to anyone but me) two of my boars are off farm visiting other "ladies." I don't rent boars as a matter of course (or offer stud), but I know these farms, these pigs and it's nice to lower the head count for a couple of months.

Some of thegoats have gone down the road, mostly as pets or companions for does. Turkeys (midget white) and chickens are EVERYWHERE :)

It's been cool and crisp in the mornings, and my last hay cutting (what I'm feeding right now) has proven to be beautiful, sweet smelling and well recived by Goats and Hogs alike.



  1. I've been looking at Large Black Hogs for several years now. I'm excited to see that they are "right around the corner" from us. I would love to purchase a couple from you.

  2. Should be no problem. Once I'm done notching the current crop and getting the litter certificats, I'll be shooting an e-mail asking for deposits.

    If my contact information is not here somehwere, my e-mail is