Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time for some change

I've got more big, black piggies than i want to chase around right now. So dalanfarm is reorganizing and cutting the herd from 12 breeders to 7. One bred lady is sold, but three more bred sows remain for sale and a boar (i just don't need 5 boars around here!)

We'll still be selling purebred and cross bred LBH out of multiple lines (including the new defender boar line), so we are not going anywhere!

!!The boar (Fat Albert) for sale is not involved in the breedings of the sows (he's a half brother to one of them) so he could be paired with a bred sow (Either Oliva or Swinehilda) and then used to breed her piglets if desired (eventually...but he can rebreed either 'Hilda or Olivia). Hog farm in a box!!

Here's the link to our sale page....



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