Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Into each life...

Well, as predicted, it rained on my hay. For those not familiar with the masochistic process of growing and storing hay, this is generally a bad thing. In my case not so bad, as I don't sell it and it's still in nice windrows (loose pile in lines out in the field). It'll dry out and I'll get it put up. I rolled the dice and "crapped out" as they say.

But more farm "news" abounds! I was buying parts for the somewhat tempermental baler and found parts that I thought we're no longer available. SWEET. Turns out a tractor supply store in Colorado had the part in question in stock...and now it's mine!!! I know...who gets excited about parts ofr 30 year old farm equipment? Well...I do :)

On the piggie front: there has been some considerable frustration getting my three pigs across the border to Grant in Canada. First the vet papers were not going to make it in time. Then they were going to make it...but the wrong kind of bloodwrk was Grant got to take a ferry ride to Vancouver for nothing. But all is not a total loss...we had the proper tests run (there was enough serum to rerun the needed tests) and not all the paperwork is in order and in the mail back to Walla Walla. It'll work out in the end. Always does.

That's it for now...


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  1. Ah, the Machiavellian processes of governments.