Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Canada...forgive me I could not resist.

As another Wine (wino?) weekend descends upon the local community, a local pig nut prepares to share his beloved critters with folks around the world. That would be me... and the world is Canada. I have the remaining appointments arranged to get Grant at Ravenstone Farms his piggies. International affairs. Wohoo! I'm so cosmopolitan.

My old swather is about ready for hay season (did I mention I drove 9 hours to get a $300 swather built in the 1960's?) Its a Massey Ferguson 36 SP and came witht he conditioner. It runs like a clock, and I have fixed all of the minor things wrong with it and have just to complete the replacement of the sickle sections (cutting teeth) to get it 100% field ready.

Also came across a ground driven manure spreader. Great price (free) and works perfectly.


  1. that is just the way to get equipment!

  2. Way to go Dave, and the decibel level astonishing, take that anyway you like.

  3. @Jana: Yep, if a road trip sin't involved, I'm not sure I am interested ;)

    @Mom: I figure eveything I own pretty much requires hearing and eye protection!