Monday, October 12, 2009


I've been off the old blog for over a month...slacker. Well what to say? Roberta showed up again with the twins. Sadly the twins were killed a bit later in a traffic accident. This old gal cannot seem to make it as a momma in the City.

Hay season is over. Thank God. Had some neat experiences, keep learning new stuff for next year.

Things I will do...

- Overhaul my baler. Not as scary as I thought. While I think the guy who designed the original small square baler must have been a genius, it's not rocket science to work on one. Especially since I have the manual and can find parts at my favorite parts store...the Internet.

- Fix my Rake...did that. The local machine shop built me new parts (rake is way to old to find new ones) and it officially rocks.

Things I will not do...

- Loan implements. I'm always glad to lend a hand, but my and my implements go together, if there is time.

- Ahhhh, time. That's the devil ain't it? I ran into several instances this season where I tried doing 20 things when I had time for maybe 2. I do have a day job, so taking every farm gig in the universe is both frustrating and not necessary. So, no haying in the fall (other than my own) when school is back in session. Spring can be a little more flexible, but once the kids are back in school in the fall it all begins in earnest. Soccer, school events, Youth group...and the days get shorter.

I'm sure I will modify, forget or completely ignore something in one of those lists eventually. But, who knows....

In recent events, we had a couple of farm visitors who wanted to check out the LBH. Interest continues to be high. Our first pairs will be leaving for their new homes in the next week or two. I still need to get my litter notifications sent in.

Here are some semi-recent, and mostly random pictures.


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