Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hogs and Water

Well there has certainly been an uptick into inquiries about the Large Black Hog. I suspect it is the result of the Hobby Farms story and links to the LBHA website. I'm praying for huge litters and working on (MAYBE) getting some other stock I can pass along to anxious buyers.

I also had my metering project completed today. The installer came in and finished up the back flow valve (with chemgation...not sure I'll ever us this), blow off valves, pressure gauges, manual shutoff, magnetic water meter, etc. Since I am now in compliance with the contract I signed in regards to my water...I have begun to let the droplets fly. Good thing too, I have lots of baby grasses from stuff that went to seed last year and stuff I drilled in last fall and this spring.

It's really nice to have the last open issue behind me. Well, at least it's nice to pretend, for now, that the hassling I got about my water is behind me. I suspect with the possibility of continuing droughts, no matter how old someones water rights are, more "contention" is coming.

Ah well, there's always dry land wheat, Triticale and Oat Hay :)

OH YEAH....I also learned that if you slack off and forget to service your pressure tank...bad things will happen. Like the start up capacitor for your well pump will explode at 6 PM on a Friday evening. Sigh. Sometimes I just have to learn the hard way.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to thank you for your insight into the mayhem that is water rights. You have obviously had to deal with it quite a bit. 6pm on a friday evening! Nice timing for a pump to explode. LOL. Bummer.

    I was interested in your Hogs. I do competition Bar-B-Que. I was looking to try some applewood smoked pork shoulder. I would apreciate any info you may have on the possibilty of getting some shoulders from you.

    By the way, My daughter saw the pic of the beautiful little blonde girl in the carrier with the cat and said, "Is she visiting the Kitty in jail?", "What did the kitty do?" LOL!