Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm such a slacker

Warning...this is only a semi-farm posting.

So I have not exactly been timely in my blog updates. Well it is the post season (High School Wrestling) and I am a volunteer coach. So I'm busy. Last week was the League tournament and this weekend (tomorrow) is Regionals. Off to Spokane at 5:15 in morning. The team went up tonight, but I've been gone a lot lately and wanted to hang around this evening. If you ever wanted to know what is going on in the wrestling world in the Northwest, check out the Washington Wrestling Report. Lots of results and rankings of a dubious nature. On another wrestling note, my college wrestling almamater (Yakima Valley Community College) has a #1 RANKED WOMEN'S TEAM. Sweet. Check out the rankings here. I am real proud of what these women and their coaches have accomplished this year.

But what about the FARM!!! Well...we recently had a visit from some nice folks from Elk, WA who needed to see my Black Hogs face-to-face. Great folks and I think they found my beasts almost as engaging as I do! Thanks to my fellow Large Black Hog Association members, I am seeing a lot of traffic to my inbox and phone from people wanting to get their hands on some LBH. Good news for the breed and for us. I'm desperately hoping to add another leg to my Shoal (i.e. Pig Herd) gene pool with a Boar with some European origin. Honestly, if I have to go over the UK and get them myself, I will. But not anytime soon. Stay tuned.

Finally, we have sent our first animals off to be processed. I was here with the butcher crew and everything was quick and clean. Just the way I had hoped. I know in order to get from hay to sausage, this step is needed, but I doubt I will ever have the stomach to do the deed myself. I'm just an old softie. The kids did well (they were warned ahead of time) and I think they will get used to this process over time. However, I hope the sacrifice our critters make to feed us never loses its significance to them.

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